Medical Specimens

WHO DO WE WORK WITH? CoolSmart Medical Logistics specializes in handling all biohazard specimens. We routinely work with the following material:​ Temperature-Controlled Deliveries When it comes to transporting diagnostic specimen, proper handling is critical. Diagnostic specimen and pharmaceuticals are transported in climate-controlled equipment by certified drivers. Drivers are equipped with coolers, ice packs, and dry […]


The Challenge Of Pharmaceutical Distribution Transporting, delivering, and warehousing pharmaceutical products requires an expertise that we specialize in. We ensure that your pharmaceuticals are handled properly from the moment they leave your location to the moment they arrive at their intended destination. From packaging products to prevent damage and contamination to the licenses, permits, and […]

Medical Materials

Medical Charts, Records, and Interoffice Mail Delivered Why take a chance with such precious, vital cargo? Let CoolSmart Medical Logistics worry about following the necessary regulations and safeguarding your vital materials. We are experienced with medical records, and we recognize the importance of transporting critical materials between medical offices, hospitals, laboratories, and training locations. By […]

Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services At CoolSmart Medical Logistics, we know that you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your patients. You can’t afford to take risks with your medical courier, so we’ll assist you in the creation of scalable, customized medical courier solutions. With our industry knowledge, strong relationships, and specialized training, you’ll have […]