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Medical Materials

Medical Charts, Records, and Interoffice Mail Delivered

Why take a chance with such precious, vital cargo? Let Coolsmart Medical Logistics worry about following the necessary regulations and safeguarding your vital materials. We are experienced with medical records, and we recognize the importance of transporting critical materials between medical offices, hospitals, laboratories, and training locations. By choosing Coolsmart Medical Logistics, you can rest assured that your medical charts and other sensitive materials will be handled with the utmost care. All medical and lab delivery personnel are experienced and trained to properly handle, transport, and deliver your products with precision and care. As with all our logistics services, you can take advantage of Coolsmart Medical Logisticss’ top-of-the-line real-time detailed online tracking from pick-up to delivery.

In addition to traditional on-demand, scheduled and messenger logistics services, for the medical industry we also offer:

Medical Equipment Transport

If you need to transport highly-sensitive medical equipment, Coolsmart Medical Logistics can help! Medical equipment movers are highly experienced in relocating machines such as CT Scanners, X-Rays, MRIs, and Laser Imaging. Technology in the healthcare field is changing and growing, but Coolsmart Medical Logistics has the experience and the training process that supports the expertise to handle any number of requirements in this industry. Dedicated medical operator teams are trained to the knowledge of your shipment and supported with operating procedures.

Logistical challenges in the specialty transportation industry fall under Coolsmart Medical Logistics’s core competency. Coolsmart Medical Logistics is uniquely positioned to provide corporate clients with expert specialty transportation thanks to our decades of experience developing innovative transportation services.