About Us

Who We Are

We view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s operation, a trusted partner that will provide good service and cost-savings.

Coolsmart Medical Logistics specializes in scalable, customized medical courier solutions for the proper handling of pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, blood, confidential records, and other mission critical items.

Coolsmart Medical Logistics is comprised of dedicated employees with special emphasis on medical logistical solutions. For over 20 years, with the aid of our proprietary technology and the ability to adapt to changing business structures, we’ve been able to achieve or exceed our customers’ goals consistently.

Coolsmart Medical Logistics’s employees take great pride in providing superior service to our clients. Our management team has extensive logistics experience and excel in designing tailored services to meet your time and price requirements. Our reputation for excellence results directly from the dedication of our outstanding staff. In fact, we believe our primary assets are our employees: talented individuals with the qualifications and personal attributes to ensure we deliver for you.