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IDNs, Hospital Systems
and Medical Foundations

We have developed an efficient network of routes around hospital facilities and surrounding doctors’ offices. Hospitals utilize this network to deliver interoffice mail, meds, light supplies, and confidential patient records. In addition to offering local deliveries, Coolsmart Medical Logistics will develop rural routes to outreach locations that in-house courier systems cannot handle cost-effectively.

We typically save lab outreach programs and hospital systems a significant amount in courier services by outsourcing their in-house delivery operations. Additionally, we will hire your existing driver staff to maintain continuity and the relationships they have developed with your clients.

Clinical Laboratories

Laboratory deliveries are often time sensitive and require temperature-controlled storage. Our drivers are trained in special handling and are equipped with coolers, ice packs, and dry ice to store temperature-sensitive items during transport. Our laboratory services include but are not limited to test sample delivery from doctor offices, clinics, and hospitals, late-day pick-up for next day results, and consolidated outsourced courier service.

Public Health Departments

We are proud to support Public Health Laboratories in surveilling public health conditions and protecting the health of our communities. We have developed state-wide and regional routes for various public health departments. Routine use of these routes ensures that we have the infrastructure needed for rapid delivery of specimens should the need arise in an event such as a pandemic influenza testing. We can provide same-day, state-wide, timely, and cost-effective delivery of specimens that assist in monitoring the occurrence of reportable diseases, confirmatory testing for clinical and environmental specimens, water sample testing, emergency preparedness, and instances of bioterrorism.

Veterans Administration
and County Medical Centers

Like hospital chains, Veterans Administration and County Medical Centers require an infrastructure to connect services and records. We provide laboratory courier services to and from CBOCs and their parent Centers throughout the country.