Management Solutions

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Coolsmart Medical Logistics has designed and invested in Information Technology systems that offer our customers valuable online tools and a wealth of real-time information. Our highly skilled IT team has created unmatched systems and solutions customized to our clients’ requirements and specific industry. We can customize systems as needed, which allows us to react quickly to the changing business environment.

Technology is vital to our daily operations and we work hard to ensure ease of use and the safety of customer information. From our sophisticated software to our Electronic Data Interchange, our in-house IT programming staff has created a unique, streamlined customer portal that allows customers to easily view, change, and manage their orders with us. Our dispatchers and drivers all use and are experts working with CXT, a leading provider of courier software technology that provides last mile delivery and logistics software to manage on-demand, route, and distribution delivery operations. This solution provides full chain-of-custody, Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D) reporting, and electronic proof-of-delivery (POD) all in near real-time.

Online Ordering & Tracking

Our software allows customers to place and track orders online. With our real-time tracking software, customers can view their order date, order type (STAT or scheduled), the delivery location, the status of the order, and the order and delivery time. Moreover, our software allows customers to print a waybill for STAT orders and save delivery addresses to an address book for quick and easy online ordering.

We also offer IT integration between our systems and our customer’s ERP. This integration enables our customers to dispatch jobs, change or add stops to routes, create STAT jobs, query inventory levels, schedule same day air shipments, and schedule receipt and decrements to house inventory. We also support customizable electronic billing through our integrations system.

Smart Phones & Bar Code Scanning

Equipped with smartphone technology, drivers are extremely flexible, able to respond to changes in routes and implement technology-based solutions like barcode scanning. All our drivers have CXT’s smartphone app, which includes all the features you would expect from a premier enterprise mobile solution, including stop-level details, GPS tracking, signature capture, barcode scanning, real-time data transfer, and so much more.

On-Demand Dispatch

Our On-Demand dispatch software increases our efficiency with drag-and-drop dispatching and the industry’s most flexible rating engine. The software allows dispatchers to fully customize their dispatch board layouts to tailor the information to the way they work. Using a split-screen or dual monitors, dispatchers can see active orders and drivers on the same screen, allowing them to select the best delivery resource for each job. To help narrow those choices, the software uses advanced algorithms to provide intelligent dispatching that ranks available drivers based on the geographic locations of each order as well as current driver workloads.

GPS Tracking

Drivers can be tracked individually or by fleet based on their last GPS fixes, or by their most recent pick-ups or deliveries if GPS is not available. Unassigned, and assigned orders can be displayed in addition to route stops that plot in sequence for a true visual representation of one or more routes.


Because our systems are built on state of the art SQL database infrastructure and we allow customers access to our cloud-based system, customers can access and query the database from anywhere via our secure portal. Through the portal, customers can run and view custom reports, save those reports for future use, and download those reports as comma delimited or excel files.

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