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The Challenge Of Pharmaceutical Distribution

Transporting, delivering, and warehousing pharmaceutical products requires an expertise that we specialize in. We ensure that your pharmaceuticals are handled properly from the moment they leave your location to the moment they arrive at their intended destination. From packaging products to prevent damage and contamination to the licenses, permits, and special equipment required for delivery, you need an experienced medical courier on your side. Temperature control is also vital in packaging, shipping, and storing so that pharmaceutical goods are kept fresh and avoid damage from a heat-induced chemical reaction. Proper documentation is required for all goods since they are controlled and monitored carefully by the government. Pharmaceutical courier services in some states must also be licensed to transport and deliver pharmaceutical products. Also, couriers must have the right type of equipment and trained employees to legally transport and deliver these products.


With so much to consider and so much at stake, you need a pharmaceutical courier and pharmaceutical distribution partner that understands and provides smart solutions for your important pharmaceutical products. Coolsmart Medical Logistics is an experienced licensed pharmaceutical courier that understands the industry’s requirements and regulations for transporting, delivering, and warehousing. Employee training and proper equipment are all part of the pharmaceutical logistics and courier services that Coolsmart Medical Logistics offers.


In emergency situations where pharmaceutical products must be delivered or picked up immediately, our rush service ensures your item is picked up and/or delivered without any stops in-between. We also offer warehousing and order fulfillment for pharmaceutical distribution and storage.

We work with you to develop a pharmaceutical delivery schedule and route that fits your needs based on destination locations. The highest level of security is provided when transporting and delivering your goods to their end destination, whether it is a pharmacy, doctor’s office, hospital, or other location. Coolsmart Medical Logistics ensures all documentation is complete and compliant through every stage of the process. There is no need to worry about damage or contamination to your goods since climate control and other packaging, transport, and storage requirements are all built into our pharmaceutical logistics services.

When you choose Coolsmart Medical Logistics as your pharmaceutical logistics partner, you also benefit from the Coolsmart Medical Logistics Commitment: