Customer Service

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Healthcare Management Solutions

Healthcare Management Solutions We provide superior quality healthcare management solutions in the following areas: Driver Training, Quality Assurance, Data Solutions, Technology Solutions, Courier Training Excellent specialty transportation services require highly skilled drivers. Our drivers receive quarterly training to ensure specimen integrity, biohazard control, safety with pharmaceuticals/controlled substances, and accordance with the latest HIPPA/patient confidentiality guidelines. QualityAssurance Speed […]

Data Solutions

Data Solutions Coolsmart Medical Logistics demonstrates our dedication to our customers by using highly skilled industry certified Project Management, Lean Six Sigma professionals. Coolsmart Medical Logistics offers a full range of Business Process Management (BPM) and continuous improvement services to help Programs/Projects capture & streamline information/supporting documentation. We work with our customers in the facilitation […]

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions Coolsmart Medical Logistics has designed and invested in Information Technology systems that offer our customers valuable online tools and a wealth of real-time information. Our highly skilled IT team has created unmatched systems and solutions customized to our clients’ requirements and specific industry. We can customize systems as needed, which allows us to […]

Custom Solutions

Have a Problem? We’ll Solve It. Our Custom Delivery Solutions involve a three-step process designed to get your company running at peak efficiency. The best part? Our Custom Solutions are free of charge. Even if you’re a current customer, we’re more than happy to sit down with you to re-evaluate your situation on an as-needed […]

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Quality Program Coolsmart Medical Logistics’s Quality Assurance Team sets the highest standards and monitors all aspects of the organization. GDP Guidelines GDP guidelines ensure that products are consistently stored, transported, and handled as required by the product label claim. Leading Technology Advanced IT systems have been designed to support QA process and ensure the […]

Courier Training

Courier Training All Couriers are HIPAA, OSHA and PHARMA trained and certified. In addition to their initial training, Couriers are re-trained quarterly to ensure proper handling of specimen, biohazardous materials, Medical Supplies, Sensitive Medical Documents and Pharmaceuticals. Coolsmart Medical Logistics has a robust medical courier training program and documented SOPs for specific various operational models. […]