Our Team

CoolSmart Medical Logistics has been providing Logistics Service Solutions for over 20 years. Our management team is comprised of industry professionals with extensive experience in the logistics management industry. Since our inception, we have been adding value to our customers through dedicated personnel, incomparable quality, and cutting-edge technology. Our reputation for excellence stems directly from […]

Our Customers

WHO DO WE WORK WITH? IDNs, Hospital Systems and Medical Foundations We have developed an efficient network of routes around hospital facilities and surrounding doctors’ offices. Hospitals utilize this network to deliver interoffice mail, meds, light supplies, and confidential patient records. In addition to offering local deliveries, CoolSmart Medical Logistics will develop rural routes to […]

Who We Are

We view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s operation, a trusted partner that will provide good service and cost-savings. CoolSmart Medical Logistics specializes in scalable, customized medical courier solutions for the proper handling of pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, blood, confidential records, and other mission critical items. CoolSmart Medical Logistics is comprised of dedicated employees with […]